Mind game


In most of my posts, I talk about the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits, and I realized I have been missing a key part to healthy living, a healthy mind. Working out is one of the best things to establish this. Healthy body, healthy mind..pretty nifty stuff.

One of my favorite quotes I recently heard sums up how I feel about working out and its power over the mind says, “you are only one workout away from a good mood.” I recently hadn’t been in this best mental state, and realized I also had not worked out in three days and was eating like I was in high school again, when I had lightning-fast metabolism. Once I got myself back in the gym, I really did feel instantly better. This feeling also made me not want to eat shit!

Healthy mind, healthy you.

Healthy you, healthy mind.

Keep that in mind if one of the two go out of whack!


About collegegirlfit

I am a senior strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University. I will be a fifth-year senior next year. Yay, victory lap! I am a member of the OSU pom squad, which is what inspired my blog. We have to wear shirts exposing our core on a weekly basis, so not being fit is not an option. I hope to share my experiences with making the transition from a high school girl with a metabolism that let me eat anything under the sun, to a college student that actually has to watch what I eat and drink.

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