Fit in the Fam


For spring break, I head to Destin. My group is getting a late start, so I decided to visit my parents before leaving.

It was a beautiful evening the night I made it back and felt like going for a run. My dad saw me putting on my tennis shoes and decided to go with me (he was always an avid runner until his knees started giving him trouble).

This was probably one of my favorite evenings spent with my dad. We jogged three miles and talked the whole way. I learned how much running meant to my dad, and now feel even more connected to him each time I do it.

Next time you go home and get the chance, exercise with a close family member. Even if you just walk around your neighborhood, it will be not only good for your body, but also good for your soul. Ask questions and enjoy your family while you have them.

(Sappy post… I know! I was just feeling the family love!)


About collegegirlfit

I am a senior strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University. I will be a fifth-year senior next year. Yay, victory lap! I am a member of the OSU pom squad, which is what inspired my blog. We have to wear shirts exposing our core on a weekly basis, so not being fit is not an option. I hope to share my experiences with making the transition from a high school girl with a metabolism that let me eat anything under the sun, to a college student that actually has to watch what I eat and drink.

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