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Being bad can be good..for a little while


Spring break has come and gone. I went to Destin with what feels like the entire OSU student body. While I couldn’t wait to be soaking up the sun with my best friends, I knew that working out and eating healthy probably will not be the easiest accomplishment. At first, I thought, “ I will try to wake up and go run and eat healthy” then I decided, “ it is vacation, a little splurging won’t kill me”.

So, for a week, I did not work out and did not try and limit myself to a certain number of calories. Basically, I went into a food coma every night after dinner. I am not suggesting stuffing your face all vacation, but taking a break from your normal health routine can be good. After three days, I was ready to get moving again and was happy to get back in the gym once we returned.

Enjoy your vacation time, eat bad food and sleep in! Just don’t let those habits follow you home!


Fit in the Fam


For spring break, I head to Destin. My group is getting a late start, so I decided to visit my parents before leaving.

It was a beautiful evening the night I made it back and felt like going for a run. My dad saw me putting on my tennis shoes and decided to go with me (he was always an avid runner until his knees started giving him trouble).

This was probably one of my favorite evenings spent with my dad. We jogged three miles and talked the whole way. I learned how much running meant to my dad, and now feel even more connected to him each time I do it.

Next time you go home and get the chance, exercise with a close family member. Even if you just walk around your neighborhood, it will be not only good for your body, but also good for your soul. Ask questions and enjoy your family while you have them.

(Sappy post… I know! I was just feeling the family love!)



“Pinning” – my new hobby . The Web site Pinterest has been added to the list of online activities to waste my time. However, I have found that you can use the site to help out with your goal toward a healthy lifestyle! There are countless at home workouts you can follow (I have been doing a particular one for a week now, holy geez!!).

Another great way to use Pinterest for good, not just to plan an imaginary wedding, is to find great healthy recipes. I have a board “yummy healthy” just for meals that fit those needs. I have tried a few, they do not disappoint!

If you already are on Pinterest, follow me by searching “Kellee Cooper.” If you don’t have an account,get one! You won’t regret it!

Fishy Friday


I hate fish.

Eating them, not the living ones.

I wish I was a fan because they are so good for you, but I just can’t develop a taste for them. This problem makes Lent interesting. For those who don’t know, during Lent you aren’t supposed to eat meat on Friday. Growing up, I would stick to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but I recently made a breakthrough…I will eat shrimp!

I frequent a site and found delicious, healthy recipes for those of you though share my loathing for the taste of fish! Maybe someday I can join the rest of the population and enjoy fish, until then, shrimp it is! Let me know if you have any good non-fish, non-meat meals to try out for the rest of Lent!