40 Days and Nights


Ash Wednesday has come and gone, this means a certain food group is forbidden to enter my mouth until Easter morning. Every year for Lent, I give up the thing that is hardest for me to part with and every year it is the same thing, sweets.

So, instead of sugar, I will be eating lots of fruits (as I should) and lots of gum (I don’t count that). The thing I love about not eating sweets is that after the first week I tend to be just fine without them, and after Lent it takes my sweet tooth longer to kick back in!

My plan is to try and keep the sweet tooth away as much as possible once Easter comes around because my sugar intake has been too much in the recent weeks! I will let you know how I am feeling next week without taking my weekly frozen yogurt stop!

Join me if you want a rewarding challenge! 36 more days!


About collegegirlfit

I am a senior strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University. I will be a fifth-year senior next year. Yay, victory lap! I am a member of the OSU pom squad, which is what inspired my blog. We have to wear shirts exposing our core on a weekly basis, so not being fit is not an option. I hope to share my experiences with making the transition from a high school girl with a metabolism that let me eat anything under the sun, to a college student that actually has to watch what I eat and drink.

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