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40 Days and Nights


Ash Wednesday has come and gone, this means a certain food group is forbidden to enter my mouth until Easter morning. Every year for Lent, I give up the thing that is hardest for me to part with and every year it is the same thing, sweets.

So, instead of sugar, I will be eating lots of fruits (as I should) and lots of gum (I don’t count that). The thing I love about not eating sweets is that after the first week I tend to be just fine without them, and after Lent it takes my sweet tooth longer to kick back in!

My plan is to try and keep the sweet tooth away as much as possible once Easter comes around because my sugar intake has been too much in the recent weeks! I will let you know how I am feeling next week without taking my weekly frozen yogurt stop!

Join me if you want a rewarding challenge! 36 more days!


Workout for Two


Last week included the day of love that so many people hate, Valentine’s Day. If you do not have a significant other, you may want to stop reading here because this post is dedicated to maintaining a healthy relationship in more ways than one.

Doing physical activities with your partner can be extremely rewarding (get your mind out of the gutter!). Going for a run together, hiking, or even just riding to the gym together is a great way to stay connected.

The normal college diet of fast food and spaghetti can get old fast, so cooking together is a fun way to spice things up.  My boyfriend and I grilled chicken and vegetables not too long ago, it was one of my favorite dates we have had.

Next time one of you is searching for how to spend your time together, get cooking or get physical! 😉

Friday Night Fix


I have a bad obsession.

My parents recently got Netflix, so of course I took the account information to have in Stillwater ! For the first week, I could not stop watching episode after episode of random TV shows I had forgotten about. It was starting to get a little ridiculous, so I decided to turn Netflix into my workout routine.

I am a big fan of incline walking and my goal is always 40 minutes. What else is that length?? Friday Night Lights. Now, I have even more motivation to visit the gym because I will get to find out what new football drama unfolds next!

Will be a sad day when I finish the series!

If you don’t have Netflix and want to watch some TV, just hop over to Hulu and start browsing. Make it your goal to only watch a certain show while exercising, if you get as into certain shows as I do you will be back at the gym in no time!

I’m Backkkkkkk


Missed me? I know it has been quite some time, but I am back and ready to share my journey of staying fit throughout college. Hope everyone survived the holidays and is sticking to those New Year’s resolutions.

In my last post I was suffering from an ankle injury and HALLELUJAH it has healed! I am back to my normal routine and keeping busy with dancing at basketball games.

This leads me to the point of this post, dance around like a crazy person and burn those calories!

Football season requires a lot of dancing, but basketball season is a whole other story. Each timeout we have to dance for 2 minutes without stopping, this may not seem like a long time, but you come back to the sideline out of breath each time.

So for a fun fitness challenge try this –

When watching a TV program, have your iPod/computer ready with pump up music ready to play when the commercials begin. Once the commercial starts, pop in your headphones and do not stop moving until your program starts again.

You might want to try this one when you are by yourself though, may get some weird looks from roommates!