live changing chicken


this past weekend i was faced with the dilemma of fast food eating. while traveling with pom friday for an event, we stopped at the local braum’s where our coach was buying us dinner. funny she would take us there when the week before she had us all attend a nutrition seminar!! talk about sending mixed signals!

i have only been to braum’s for two reasons. crinkle cut fries and ice cream. both equally delicious, yet not so nutritious. i was at the end of the line and heard all the girls ordering chicken sandwiches. confession-never have i ever had a chicken sandwich. honestly. so, i figured i would try it out.

i loved it! i loved it even more when i searched the nutritional value to find it only had 302 calories. not bad for a meal!

so if you must do fast food, do your research for the healthiest option!

food- check out this article for the healthy choices at some of the most popular fast food chains!

fitness- clear out your living room and get ready to get your butt kicked with anyone of these dvd workout selections!

fun- take a youngster to a mcdonald’s, but get them the apples instead of fries and start helping the younger generation become aware of the importance of healthy choices!


About collegegirlfit

I am a senior strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University. I will be a fifth-year senior next year. Yay, victory lap! I am a member of the OSU pom squad, which is what inspired my blog. We have to wear shirts exposing our core on a weekly basis, so not being fit is not an option. I hope to share my experiences with making the transition from a high school girl with a metabolism that let me eat anything under the sun, to a college student that actually has to watch what I eat and drink.

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