socially acceptable to stay in shape.


these days everyone and their grandma (literally)  seem to be linked in  to social media. facebook and twitter are apart of our day-to-day life whether you like it or not. so, why not use these to help fuel your fit lifestyle?

twitter offers great trainers that you can follow and also daily health tips that will pop up right along side all your friend’s dumb quotes! it is a great reminder of things we already know we should be doing but, it also opens your eyes to things you may have never considered!

another great thing technology offers us is the ability to have “apps” on our phones. i have a great weight and food tracker that is easy and more confidential than a journal!

food- feeling hungry? try peanut butter. it is a great source of protein and helps you to fill full between meals!

fitness- use all this great technology we have to create a fun playlist for your ipod. new music will help get you moving!

fun- rent the movie “the social network” if you haven’t seen it and watch just how we have become the “social media generation” !


About collegegirlfit

I am a senior strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University. I will be a fifth-year senior next year. Yay, victory lap! I am a member of the OSU pom squad, which is what inspired my blog. We have to wear shirts exposing our core on a weekly basis, so not being fit is not an option. I hope to share my experiences with making the transition from a high school girl with a metabolism that let me eat anything under the sun, to a college student that actually has to watch what I eat and drink.

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