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Student Union Renovation Podcast


Olivia Cummings and I explored the Student Union to see what all the noise is about! Take a listen to hear interviews about the recent renovation occurring here at Oklahoma State.


we get it guys, you like your muscles.


The colvin center sucks.

to….it really doesn’t, and is an extremely nice facility we are lucky to have BUTTTTTT being a girl and trying to lift weights there is pretty awful. last week i tried it twice… fail. you get down there to find a sea of muscly guys wearing so called “shirts” ,which look more like a piece of fabric to only protect their sternum, grunting listening to much too loud music. not my scene.

enough ranting. what to do about it?

luckily, the colvin provides classes to help with the dilemma. there are tons of classes each day which provide a great lifting routine in the comfort of a classroom, mostly filled with other girls! pump and tone is one of my favorites!

another thing I have done to avoid the craziness of the colvin lifting center is by grabbing ten pound weights and check out one of the large balls and do my lifting on that by myself. you can use it like a bench, but it provides extra stability which helps your core!

so…if you have the guts to lift among  the meatheads (pardon my term) more power to you! if not, try some of these options to still get your lift on!

food- we all know water is what we should always be drinking, but it does become a little boring sometimes so mix it up! i just tried mio (a liquid you can add to water) and loved it! six different low-calorie flavors help spice up your h2o.

fitness- get in those colvin classes and get toned up!!

fun- check out the emmy fashions from last night! see if your opinions match up with the experts!

socially acceptable to stay in shape.


these days everyone and their grandma (literally)  seem to be linked in  to social media. facebook and twitter are apart of our day-to-day life whether you like it or not. so, why not use these to help fuel your fit lifestyle?

twitter offers great trainers that you can follow and also daily health tips that will pop up right along side all your friend’s dumb quotes! it is a great reminder of things we already know we should be doing but, it also opens your eyes to things you may have never considered!

another great thing technology offers us is the ability to have “apps” on our phones. i have a great weight and food tracker that is easy and more confidential than a journal!

food- feeling hungry? try peanut butter. it is a great source of protein and helps you to fill full between meals!

fitness- use all this great technology we have to create a fun playlist for your ipod. new music will help get you moving!

fun- rent the movie “the social network” if you haven’t seen it and watch just how we have become the “social media generation” !

outside running is back, and better than ever!


holy heat! that is about all I can say about this past summer in stillwater. thank goodness for the cool front that blessed us on sunday because now it is actually an option to do one of my favorite workouts, running outside!  to those of you that ran outside during the summer from satan, hope you did not suffer a heat stroke!

boomer lake is always a popular option for a good run, but also running down 19th street from western to country club road is also unbelievably pleasant! if you run to country club and back, congratulations you just ran four miles!

another fun run that offers quite a view is if you run to the OSU botanical gardens ! once you’ve reached the gardens you can skip through them like a schoolgirl, stop to meditate on life and solve the world’s problems, do some yoga or go check out the chicken coop. whatever floats your boat. just get out there and get to running, you’ll feel so much better once you finish!

food- get your fall started right with the 8 super foods! this list will get you looking great for sweater season!

fitness- getting new running shoes has always helped me get back into workout mode! this article provides great reviews on all the popular shoes of the fall!

fun- watch some OSU football (or team of choice) ! nothing more fun in the fall than that!